Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Daily Candy taste test

OK, it’s been way too long since I blogged here. But I have resolved to do better on that count in 2008. So here’s my first post of this new year ...

Daily Candy is a real Internet treat. This compact site delivers a ton of tips and insights on fashion, culture, travel and other topics without sending you into a diabetic stupor. In fact, many articles contain fewer than 200 words each but are packed with enough Web nutrients to feed our almost insatiable hunger for information.

This warm, comfortable site makes you feels like you’re kibitzing with a pal about the latest trends and hot spots.

Here are seven reasons why Daily Candy is so delicious:

1. The design is fresh and inviting, with a mixture of drawings and photos that smartly complement the copy.

2. The writing is lively and punchy, marked by short, engaging, tightly crafted paragraphs.

3. Clever subheads are liberally and – appropriately – used to break up text into digestible bites.

4. Links are generously sprinkled throughout the copy in a reader-friendly but unobtrusive manner.

5. Content is conveniently segmented by category and by region.

6. Attractive, fun teasers at the bottom of articles invite you to explore other articles.

7. Signing up for Daily Candy email alerts is a snap.

How would I improve the site?

1. Make some of the art a bit larger and more dominant.

2. Include more photos of real people and fewer generic drawings (although the drawings are quite creative and certainly shouldn’t be abandoned).

3. Briefly summarize on the home page what Daily Candy offers.